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Cabin pollen filter for LR Defender

The first proper cabin filter in Defender history.


Put an end to problems with:

  • foggy windows
  • unpleasant odor from the air-conditioning
  • allergens, fungi and smog
  • poor air conditioning performance
  • dust coming out of the air vents

The mounting kit consists of the filter, filter holder, the "SNOW COWL" air intake cover, a gasket and screws. If you already own a SNOW COWL from Terrafirma, Britpart or MUD, the filter casing will fit perfectly. This solution is designed for dry and hot as well as humid and cold climates. It splendidly protects passengers and the air conditioning system from dust, mud, snow and rain whether you use your Defender for getting around the city, long journeys or for off-road mud-bathing.

If you need more information read about the cabin air filter here